“…If we have met before, I need your feedback to ensure I am maintaining the high standards and that you are more than just happy with me. If you had a good time, a fantastic time or a bad time please tell me…Simply e-mail directly with a review in this forum...

thomas (16.07.2013)
Choose Mistress Vivian for my first Light Dom experience as her profile states Fetish and role-play. I had a particular scenario in mind and after making an advanced booking by phone, was permitted to send my request by email. This was something I had planned for a long time so getting the detail right was important to me. I won\'t give too much away but after greeting me at the door and sorting the paperwork, Mistress Vivian went straight into character and carried out the role-play better than I could have hoped. Her imagination is wild and she fulfill my expectations totally. Thanks Mistress Vivian for a most wonderful experience.
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Eddie (10.07.2013)
Visiting Mistress Vivian last week was an absolutely thrilling experience. I e-mailed first to explain why I felt a strong need to be put firmly in my place. Mistress Vivian suggested I would benefit from both punishment and humiliation, and recommended I give her more or less free rein.When I arrived, gift in hand, I was absolutely stunned by how beautiful Mistress Vivian is. She was elegantly dressed in a stylish business suit which perfectly complemented her alluring figure. I was quite mesmerized by her!Mistress Vivian ushered me in, in a polite but businesslike way, and accepted my gift graciously. We had a brief discussion about how humiliation and punishment might make me more accepting of my inadequacies. She assured me she would leave no marks but warned me she didn’t intend to go easy on me just because it was my first time. I was quivering at this point, having no idea what to expect. It began with Mistress Vivian ordering me to strip naked and kneel in front of her. I was allowed to kiss her shoes for a few moments, then she had me kneel forward with my head on the ground. While I waited in this undignified position she fetched a large, flat hairbrush from her desk and proceeded to spank me, hard, steadily and methodically, for quite some time.Eventually I was allowed to rise, and Mistress Vivian informed me that I was to attend to a few domestic chores. She dressed me in an extremely embarrassing outfit and put me to work, correcting my occasional mistakes with firm swats of the hairbrush.The greatest humiliation was yet to come though. After I had finished my chores, Mistress Vivian sat me down and explained that I hadn’t yet been embarrassed enough.My task complete, I walked naked into Miss Davenshaw’s office where she was reading at her desk. She then had me turn around to check whether my bottom could take any further punishment without marking. The verdict was yes, so I endured another session with the hairbrush; bent over the couch this time.There was time for a short but delightful conversation before Miss Davenshaw had me dress and sent me on my way.Miss Davenshaw is certainly breathtakingly beautiful but that is far from the most alluring thing about her. Her intelligence, poise, grace, elegance and perfect judgment made this the most thrilling experience - as did the strong suspicion that she genuinely enjoyed it herself!
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Jimmy (10.07.2013)
I arrived in Milano with time to spare so after making my way to Station Central .I stopped off to half a quick gin and tonic to settle the nerves! I was keeping an eye on the clock as I was due at Mistress Vivian apartment at 2:30pm and did not want to be late! I arrived in good time and after an introductory chat I was allowed to freshen up and was told to wait outside Mistress Vivian study until she called me. After a suitable period I was summoned and told to stand in the middle of the rug that covered the middle of Mistress Vivian spotless office. Miss proceeded to reprimand me and explain in detail why I was here and what exactly was going to happen to me.I was then instructed to go to the bathroom and remove my clothing. I decided to go back to the study wearing my boxer shorts. Back to the centre of the room, I was told to, “Hang your head in shame” in very strict terms. Miss told me to fetch a chair from the corner and to place it centrally I then had to stand to the side as she took her place. “Across my knee” she ordered, “We’ll have these down…!” she said as I took my place and the gentle softness of her smooth hands rubbing my bared rear was soon replaced by a sharp hand spanking but I knew what was to follow, a large paddle hairbrush. All the time Mistress Vivian reprimanded me for my bad behaviour. When she finally reached for the hairbrush her grip around my waist tightened, she gave me a few testing strokes and then ordered me to thank her formally as I took 20 of her best strokes and finally I gasped and kicked some as each stroke landed.The next part of my ordeal saw me taken to the bedroom and told to lay face down, spread-eagled whilst Mistress Vivian expertly tied my hands and feet to the bed posts. My shorts had been pulled back up and Miss pulled them up tightly before proceeding to slap not only my bottom but the back of my thighs whilst reminding me that the next stage would be my caning!And So the Cane!!Wrists and ankles again expertly bound I am told that I earned 24 strokes of the cane. Shorts lowered by Mistress Vivian I have to thank her for each stroke. The cane is a long, thin whippy one each stroke is expertly placed. Thankfully Mistress Vivian breathtaking beauty was compensation for my bruised rear.Thank You Mistress Vivian… I will no doubt be back once I have been naughty enough to face you again!!
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Terrance (10.07.2013)
Last Friday, I had the great pleasure of a 90 minute session with the Beautiful Mistress Vivian having previously visited her for the first time back in March. I arrived at her apartment, she let me in, I was just blown away again by her beauty. She was wearing this business suit and black seamed stockings and high heels, she looked stunning. I was lead into her office. Mistress Vivian went through my scenario with me just to make sure we agreed on everything. She is playing the part of the Head Mistress and this was to be a continuation of my last visit. I was again summoned to Mistress Vivian office and told to take all my clothes off and stand before her, she wanted me to explain why I had disobeyed her and masturbated without her permission. I was told that my punishment was going to be double what I had received last time and that I had to prepare myself for the hardest caning yet as I had clearly not learnt my lesson. Mistress Vivian sat on a chair and I was told to get across her knee, I had a wonderful view of her calf and her seamed stockings, the hand spanking was hard, it seemed to last forever, it was wonderful, what more could a bloke want, over the knee of this beautiful Lady receiving a good hand spanking. Eventually the spanking finished. I was then lead into the bedroom and told to lie on the bed on my back, I was tied down spread-eagled, I could not move. Mistress Vivian told me that this was a new punishment that the school had introduced for very naughty pupils, different but very effective. I was to receive 50 hard hand spanks on the inner thigh of each leg, a very sensitive area and I was told that it will hurt. Mistress Vivian started spanking my right thigh, 10 hard spanks, boy she was right they did hurt, then she started lightly stroking my thigh, this was almost unbearable but it really turned me on, I felt like I was in heaven, tied down helplessly and watching my beautiful Head Mistress stroking and spanking my thighs.I was eventually released from the bed and taken back to Mistress Vivian office, I had to bend over a chair and my hands were tied down to the back of the chair, now then, Mistress Vivian told me that I was to receive double the strokes of the cane from my last visit, 80 strokes administered 10 at a time. I was told that I must keep absolutely silent throughout the caning, any noise would result in extra strokes of the cane. Mistress Vivian had some new canes she wanted to try, I think 3 or 4 different canes were used. The strokes were hard and very accurate as always with Mistress Vivian, she is so good with the cane, I can honestly say that I will be making many more visits to Mistress Vivian she is Simply The Best and takes great care in everything she does and you never feel rushed, I feel very honoured to have been caned by her.If you like receiving good hard accurate corporal punishment a visit to Mistress Vivian is a must.
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Steven (10.07.2013)
From the moment Mistress Vivian answered the door to the time she said goodbye the time seemed to stand still in a state of eurphoric bliss ! I had previously met Mistress Vivian during an exquisite roleplay session where every powerful fantasy I had ever dreamed off was bought to life with superb skill and perfection so I was aware of just how stunning the lady greeting me would be, but even so my mind was still left reeling as Mistress Vivian stunningly attired in business suit and the most wonderful black stockings and shoes led me into her stylish apartment.This time I had come for foot worship and all I can say is that kneeling before Mistress Vivian knowing that I was indeed about to kiss the stockinged feet and heels of this elegant, classy lady well it just just sent me into orbit ! In fact such was the effect Mistress Vivian had upon me I did something that I have not done in many many years of seeing Mistress’s, I felt compelled to actually worship the ground that Mistress Vivian walked upon. Coming back down to earth we chatted and I got that wonderful feeling that you know you will remember this for a long time to come and that you have been in the presence of someone very special, I walked out into the afternoon sun with a big grin on my face and was buzzing for hours afterwards. I am sure I will be acquainted with and once again have the privelege of worshipping the divine Mistress Vivian very soon.
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Matthew (10.07.2013)
Mistress Vivian is a very impressive and highly recommended mistress. She has a great style in her approach - she is equally as friendly and welcoming as you arrive as she is strict and disciplinarian during the session. I contacted her to arrange a session at considerably short notice and despite this, she was totally prepared to accommodate my session request down to specific details, even down to a preference for her attire.On arrival, we had a good discussion to establish exactly what I was looking for, and how she could best deliver it - whilst at the same time mentioning my personal limits. The session itself was excellent and paced very well, and Mistress Vivian is quick to recognise what your limits are and to test them to the full. All in all, visting Mistress Vivian was an excellent experience which I will remember (in more ways than one!) and I hope to be able to visit her again sometime in the future.
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